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Ancient Dinners

Inspired by the ancient Greco-Roman Symposia and Deipnosophistaí by Atheneus, Ancient Dinners transports you back in time to experience first-hand the philosophies, culture and diets of ancient civilizations around the world, now proven to extend life.

These celebratory events featuring distinguished experts and wholesome foods authentically prepared for you, will indulge your senses, engage your mind and elevate your spirit.

Ancient Dinners will initially be held in Washington, D.C. and soon expand to other cities around the globe ( suggestions are welcome! ).  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to learn about new events.

Join us for the ultimate dining experience celebrating life and wellbeing!  

Meet Our Speaker

Jerolyn E. Morrison

We are launching our Ancient Dinners series with a Minoan feast using ingredients that were available on the Greek island of Crete (ca. 3650-1400 BCE). You will taste Minoan recipes cooked in re-created clay cooking vessels by Dr. Jerolyn E. Morrison who will talk about these long lived lifestyle and culinary traditions passed on in Crete today.

Dr. Morrison is an American anthropologist and potter who lives and works in Ierapetra, Crete. Fascinated by the Minoan lifestyle, pottery, and culinary arts, she has created a series of ancient-style ceramic cooking pots that are similar to those that people used in their homes thousands of years ago on Crete. She is the founder and director of Minoan Tastes, a social enterprise that presents scientific knowledge in a more tangible way for modern people so that they can better understand how ancient people lived on Crete.