Ancient Dinners

Ancient Dinners are authentic meals in a family style format to celebrate life in ancient and traditional ways. Like in the ancient Greek symposia, or Deipnosophistaí - "The Dinner Sophists", we eat, drink together and engage in learning experiences with conversations initiated by experts in a variety of fields. Art, philosophy, built and natural environments, health, nutrition and fitness are among a few of the many topics offered to help us understand the key elements of a meaningful, healthy and prosperous life.

 Ancient Dinners is more than a cultural event; Ancient Dinners is a lifestyle based on ancient principles scientifically proven today. We draw information from credible sources to help people who care about health, not only to better understand the science of being well, but more importantly, to experience it. We purposefully apply values, diets and practices that cross time, like Hippocrates’ enduring principles on health, nutrition and fitness to help contribute to healthier and longer lives.

Ancient Dinners promotes UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Humanity to protect ancestral and traditional customs with the goal to pass them on to the next generations.

The Science of Longevity

Theorists, scientists and practitioners have agreed that the secrets of longevity can be traced in the wisdom of our ancestors.

Increasingly scientific research and National Geographic’s Blue Zones project are showing that the key to longevity is the ancient holistic mind/body approach to life. Christopher Bergland, a world-class endurance athlete, Guinness World Record holder and the author of the book, The Athlete's Way, writes in his article ‘7 Habits for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’, “For clues on how we can best survive the 21st century, we should look to the wisdom held in our ancestry and evolutionary biology.”

It’s not enough to exercise regularly, it’s far better to incorporate daily movement into your lifestyle. It’s not enough to reduce fat in your diet, it’s far better to replace fats with olive oils.  And it’s not enough to read and analyze on your own, it’s far better to engage in active dialogue and discussion.

Ancient Dinners programs, team of experts and mindfully prepared meals for you will help you foster lifestyle changes for increased health and wellbeing.

Join Ancient Dinners to celebrate the essence of life by breaking bread in engaging gatherings and learn authoritative information offered directly from the sources.